The Biological Process Behind Headaches

The headache that you experience can be actually pain in the meninges - the membranes surrounding the brain. Or it can also be due to pain in the muscles and blood vessels lying beneath the scalp. The bones of the skull and the tissues of the brain itself are never hurt.

Once a part of your body starts paining, the ends of the pain-sensitive fibers called nociceptors are stimulated. These nociceptors send a message to the nerves in the brain which then identifies the pain. These nociceptors are located throughout the body. So whenever any part is hurt, a message is transmitted, via the nociceptor, to the brain. And then the brain responds in accordance with the site of pain. For example, when you hurt your elbow, you recoil your arm and not your foot. There are also a number of chemicals which form an essential component of this pain-transmitting process. One such chemical is endorphin. Endorphins are actually pain-killing proteins. One theory suggests that people, who generally suffer from chronic pain or severe headaches, usually have lower amounts of these endorphins as compared to other people. Whatever be the process of transmitting the pain, the consequences are generally unbearable and upsetting for the sufferer. In fact, if you are also on of the sufferer, then you need immediate medical attention. Please do not ignore your headaches.