Causes Of Headache

Causes Of Headaches: Light Sensitivity and Eyestrain

Headaches can either be triggered by various triggers or be a result of single or various combined conditions. Find out what is the cause behind your headache.


Light Sensitivity
It is usually the migraine patients, who are most sensitive to light and in whom glaring lights might trigger headaches. Especially slow "flickering" lights rather than rapidly flickering ones might lead to a headache.

This dazzling, flickering light can be found in conditions where light is reflected, for example, snow, sand, water or through clouds. It is the same effect that is experienced when you are sitting in front of a television or a cinema screen. Fluorescent and blue wavelengths of light are also considered to be harmful, especially for young children. It is always better to use anti-glare screens on computers as well as on televisions.

In fact, migraine patients who are extra sensitive to bright light are advised to sit in a dark room while they are suffering from an attack of migraine.


It is quite common to see people complaining of headaches because of eyestrain. It might be true that certain activities might lead to refractory errors in the eye thus leading to eyestrain and consequently to headaches.

The conditions which put a strain on the eyes can be sitting in front of the computer or television for too long, playing video games, or, reading in improper lighting conditions. But apart from these, a poor posture, stress, and long periods of concentration are also causes for headaches.

To avoid such a headache, a complete eye check-up should be done and all refractory errors be corrected either by the use of glasses or contact lenses. Even if there is no refractive error, do ask your doctor to provide you with tinted eyeglass lenses as they protect you from the glare from various sources. For the same purpose, anti-glare screens should also be used for computers and televisions.

Also learn some desk exercises that you can perform while sitting at the desk. Take short, frequent breaks and stretch your arms, back and neck. Also try relaxing.

Try all these steps and see your headache vanish. If it still persists, visit your doctor immediately.