Treatment Of Headache

Are You Taking Elavil For Headache Relief?

Headache is a mass disease. At one time or the other, you must have gone through the ordeal of it. Many a times, it is a passing feature! It doesn't require any treatment at all. It comes, takes its time, tests and bothers you to the extent it can and departs away! All that you need is to have patience and understanding them! 

This much about the normal headaches! The real problem starts when it becomes chronic. The severe pain will drive out all understanding and patience within you and you feel that you must have instant relief, otherwise the head will break!

Scientists and researchers all over the world are worried about such headaches and are trying out various combinations to combat this. They have come out with several products depending upon the nature of headaches and Elavil is one of them!

Elavil, in the first instance was prescribed to treat bulimia (an eating disorder). Subsequently it was used to control chronic pain and to prevent migraine headache.

Does Elavil cure the headache directly? Perhaps it is not its direct function; it is only a responsive action! It is a member of the group of drugs called tricyclic anti-depresasants. Doctors prescribe Elavil to treat a pathological weeping and laughing syndrome associated with multiple sclerosis.

Utmost care is to be taken about taking the doses as prescribed by your physician! Go strictly by the quantum of the dose, and do not skip doses. Even if you feel like not taking the dose, due to depression or any other factors do not skip the dose. If you miss a dose for any reason, do not take two doses the next day, to make up for the shortfall.

When you start the therapy, the side effect at the initial stage, may be drowsiness. Do not panic and give up the doses. This condition will disappear after a few days. Rewards are promised for the patients who have patience for 30 days. The thumb rule is that never take 2 doses at a time. It is dangerous.

The side effects of Elavil are thoroughly discouraging. The side effects reported are: constipation, blurred vision, dry mouth, rapid heart beat, and a greater danger of sustaining a nasty fall!

Owners of Elavil, be careful! One wrong decision and your headache may prove to be too costly.