Treatment Of Headache

Is There Any Best Headache Medicine?

No medicine is the best medicine for most of the headaches. Well, this is true for primary headaches and not for the headaches due to medical conditions.

Since headaches are the recurring feature in your life it is better for you to understand the root cause, the genesis of headache in you. It is very important to train yourself in handling them depending upon the nature and severity of the headache.

In fact headache medicine training appears to be the next logical step. The achievement affecting the secular life especially in the urban and metropolitan centers are stupendous and as such the reasons for the headaches have also increased manifold.

It is normal for you to treat migraine headache with over the counter medications. It is the accepted practice every where, though it may not the best practice. You know that such medication can not provide you with permanent cure. But the pain and confusion associated with the migraine headache is so severe that you are willing to swallow anything to get rid of that condition.

The instant relief that you get is all that matters. You very well know that your pain is suppressed not eliminated with these medicines. Such pain-killers do generally bring along with them their trusted side-effects which are not at all good for you in the long run. If you are one of those who get side effects more severely than the original disease, your suffering will be more.

According to Ira Klemons, President of American Board of Craniofacial Pain and a member of the Board of Directors of the AACFP, “By far the most common causes of headaches are dysfunctions of muscles of the head and face as well as related structures such as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in the jaw.”

The main problem with the headache medicine is that there are too many types of medicines and too many types of headaches. The causes of headaches may seemingly be unrelated symptoms. For example if you have pain in the eye and headache which one will you treat first?


No. Your approach to the problem will be wrong in this case. The headache is a consequential action. The primary cause is pain in the eye. So the treatment is required for pain in the eye first. When that is treated your headache will vanish automatically.

Your diet-discipline has a positive effect in the affairs of your headache. You need to keep your body mechanism free from toxins that pile up in your body due to the junk food that you are accustomed to take. Always remain constipation free which is one of the root causes of many of the headaches.