Migraine Headache

Cluster Headache VS Migraine

While the world deals with headaches, not everyone suffers from same form of the problem. Amidst various other headache types, cluster headache and migraine are the most common. Quite often people confuse the two of these headache types to be the same. However, cluster headache and migraine are completely different from one another. Let us take a look at some differences between the two.

Pattern of pain
As the name suggests, cluster headaches occur in clusters. They affect the whole of the head, though you feel the pain more at specific points.

On the other hand, migraine headache occurs usually on one side of the head. Migraine headaches usually go down till the neck, which is not the case with cluster headaches.

Location of pain
Cluster headaches usually affect the area around the temple or the eye.

Migraine headaches usually cause pain near the eye that lies on the affected side.

Kind of pain
The pain accompanied with cluster headaches is usually of stabbing nature.

However, migraine headaches are usually accompanied with pain that is more of throbbing and pulsating nature.

Severity of pain
Cluster headaches are one of the most severe forms of headache. In fact, they bring along enormous pain, which can be quite throbbing. It is due to the intense pain caused by cluster headaches that they are also termed as suicidal headaches.

Migraine headaches, on the other hand, are not as severe. Though they are not too mild either, the amount of pain is much lesser as compared to cluster headaches.

Cluster headache is usually triggered by hydrocarbons such as petroleum solvents and perfumes. Alcohol and napping could also trigger the problem. Yet another prominent trigger for cluster headaches is nitroglycerin or glycerol trinitrate.

On the other hand, triggers for migraine include bright light and loud noises. It is for this reason that migraine patients show extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Changes in sleep patterns and exposure to smoke can also cause the problem. In some individuals, skipping meals could also trigger migraine headache.

Cluster headache is accompanied with symptoms like runny and red nose. Watery eyes is yet another symptom accompanied with the problem. Your eyes may also be droopy when you are dealing with the problem. Stiffness in the neck and pain in the teeth and jaw may also be caused in some cases.

Migraine headache, on the other hand is accompanied with symptoms like sensitivity to light and sound. Nausea and vomiting is yet another symptom that is accompanied with migraine headaches.

Cluster headaches are usually seen in men. The male to female ratio of cluster headaches ranges from 4:1 to 7:1.

Migraines are more common in women as compared to men.