Migraine Headache

Ocular Migraine May Also Be Termed As Ophthalmologic Migraine!

Migraine is generally associated with headache which becomes almost chronic in nature and you can be under attack any time without any warning signs. At times, migraine also occurs around the eyes muscles in lateral fashion which is termed as ocular migraine or ophthalmologic migraine. It is often accompanied by vomiting, nausea and double vision.

The medical experts have yet to pinpoint the exact causes of migraine. Some predisposing factors like premenstrual changes, stress, nerve weakness, hunger, alcohol consumption and many more are believed to be the main causes of Ocular Migraine. Some other medical reasons may include internal carotid artery aneurysms and diabetes.

There are certain foods which are believed to trigger or aggravate the migraine attacks are chocolate, red wine, aged cheese, chicken livers, milk, stored meat or meat that contains nitrate preservatives, foods items prepared with mono sodium glutamate. Very rarely some physical factors like sunlight or hot weather is regarded as the cause for ocular migraines.

Before we discuss about various methods to cure such headaches, let’s understand and know more about the symptoms of ocular migraine. First, you may feel lateral pain around the eyes along with the feeling of vomiting or diplopia. You may feel tired and want to lie down and rest your eyes. In rare cases, neurological disturbances may occur due to which the person may face difficulty in moving his eyes.

Some Dos and Don’ts in case of ocular migraine:-
If possible, avoid going out in the sun. Remain confined in a semi-dark room and rest your eyes. For more comfort, you can put cucumber slices on the socket of your eyes with the eyes closed. Before using the slices, you can keep them in  refrigerator for half an hour for better effect.

Mild analgesic can also be used for reducing the pain of migraine. However, one should not try taking other drugs like Ergotamine, vasoconstrictors, Sumatriptan and so on meant for migraine without consulting your doctor. They may stimulate adverse reaction and create some other problems for you.