Migraine Headache

Vascular Headache Is Painful And Burning In Nature!

What is vascular headache? The term vascular headache may be attributed to the condition in which the blood vessels swells up and leads to pain. The vascular headache occurs in blood vessels that exist in the tissues surrounding the head and causes swelling and irritation.

A vascular headache can be of different types but there are two types that are more common amongst the people. The first one is toxic headache; this headache is usually created by fever which always carries symptoms like pneumonia, mumps, tonsillitis and measles. Apart from these symptoms, you may also have the feelings of foreign chemical in the body. The other type of vascular headache carries cluster headache and simple headache which is caused due to rise in blood pressure.

Migraine is also very common form of vascular headache which is caused by abnormalities of blood vessels. It is usually described by three symptoms; first nausea or vomiting, second is severe pain either on one side or both side of the head while the last or third symptom is characterized as bothered vision and intolerance to light. Sometimes, the symptoms of migraine headache may be similar to other symptoms. Therefore, it is advisable to always consultĀ  your doctor before taking medication for vascular headache.

Although the migraine is the most common type of vascular headache associated with many symptoms, it could be with severe pain. The headache can be divided into two types. The first is the classic migraine which includes symptoms likeĀ  weakness in legs or arms, maddening confusion or itching of the hands or face. The second type is the common migraine which carries signs like mental ambiguity, irritation, exhaustion, diarrhea and incensement in urination and vomiting or nausea.

The vascular headaches are painful and burning in nature, so, the complete rest is advisable and physical labor can increase the level of your pain further.