Headache Relief

Headache Relief For Adults, Children

It is simply impossible to resist headache, especially a series of headache. Whenever you get a sudden headache, you ask a question to yourself. What did you do…a day before the headache, a few hours before the headache? What did you eat? Did you do something other than your routine? If you are able to answer these questions honestly, you will be able to find reasons for your headache. The same procedure holds good, if your child complaints of a headache.

Now this is a wise way of tackling headache by the adults. But, what about headaches, especially chronic headaches in children? Chronic headache are due to the living style and diet habits. This may not be the sole reason, but it is definitely one of the important reasons.

My doctor friend cracks a joke on his patients who come to him with headache complaints: “You have a headache. That proves, you have a head” Well, the joke part of it helps reduce the intensity of headache to some extent.

Headache has nothing to do with the brain, it indeed concerns head only. The origin of headache is in the membranes surrounding the brain. It could as well be in the muscles and blood vessels beneath the scalp.

A child will make specific complaint about headache. Younger children will simply cry not knowing the origin of pain, and hence the treatment becomes difficult. You may have to ask several questions to the child before you come to a conclusion that the child has a headache. Older children are able to pinpoint the location of the headache, so that suitable treatment can be given to them.

Don't take grim view of the headache among the children. Sometimes, it may be due to very simple reasons. Not drinking enough water during summer, a dingy and smoky room, sudden pressure of extra homework, watching television for hours together, too much work on the computer, not taking right food at the right time or late night heavy meals. Such types of headaches require simple type of treatment and proper rest.

If the headache persists for more than a day, there could be multiple causes for it. Take the temperature. Does the child have a stuffy or runny nose? Are there indications of sinusitis? Does he compliant of vomiting sensation? Does the headache occur in one part of the head only? If it is so, better consult your family doctor.

Don't make, over the counter medications a habit, whenever your child has a headache. Most of the headaches leave quietly, without making any noise. Allow it to go, without making any noise.