Headache Relief

Natural Migraine Relief Advices

Mention the word migraine or the word headache in a room with more than two people and you are almost guaranteed of receiving free advice. There’s an almost limitless amount of possible treatments that you may or may not want to try. Most are harmless enough that it really wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and give it a shot. So next time you’ve got a real brain popping migraine and nothing works maybe you should see if one of these will do the trick. It may just turn out to be the magic pill you’ve been looking for all your life.

One common methods that seems to be circulating involves drinking a lot of water. Not just a few glasses, mind you, but a truly titanic amount of water. For some people, it seems the more water you try the better. Maybe this is just a case of transference. You know, your bladder starts hurting so much from expanding under the weight of that liquid that you forget all about your head hurting. Other suggestions are that the migraines are triggered by dehydration and the water fixes the problem in a jiffy.

Others swear by an alternative liquid treatment. Not water, but Benadryl. This probably works by making you so sleepy that you forget all about the headache. Obviously, this is not recommended if you are pregnant. Not to mention that some people suffer from a reverse reaction to Benadryl and get all hyper and probably will suffer a reverse reaction in regard to headache by making it worse. This one, as with all involving medicine, requires caution.

Massage, of course, is a frequently tried alternative method, but it takes time and money and usually isn’t exactly convenient as far as helping out right when the headache attacks. But self-massage is easily done and many, many migraine sufferers turn to it without even realizing. The preferred method seems to be using the fingertips and gently rubbing the temples, the tips of the ears or the back of the head. Of course, many professional massage therapists.

Draw. Just because you aren’t exactly Van Gogh doesn’t matter. Art therapy works wonders and nobody can even come close to explaining why. Maybe it’s just the physical activity, maybe it’s the creative drive coming to the surface and driving away all that nasty pressure taking place inside the cranial vessels. It’s really an amazing thing to watch. People barely able to keep their eyes open have been known to pick up a pen or piece of charcoal and begin applying it to paper and within a half hour their migraine headache symptoms begin to subside. Oddly enough, this therapy has proven more effective in those who claim to have no artistic talent than those who do; actual artists actually seem to be affected the least.

Play a video game. This is probably not the best idea for those whose migraines tend to be triggered by light or noise. If your trigger doesn’t seem related to sensitivity to light or noise, then give this a try. It seems to work best if you play a game that doesn’t require a significant amount of strategy; either shoot to kill or sports-related games tend to have the best results. It is assumed that sports games work through their ability to a migraine sufferer focused on the outcome of actually winning a game that can be won in the time it takes have a migraine. By focusing on the game and having a goal that can be met, the stress that is related to migraines seems to be eased.

And finally, for the minority of migraines sufferers who are male, there is one last suggestion. Of course, there are disadvantages to this approach in that you need the assistance of a willing participant, but those who try it swear by it. (And when you find out what it is, you’ll understand why). Apparently, being on the receiving end of a certain type of sexual practice associated with France has been known to relieve more than just a few migraines. And even if it doesn’t, well, this one is definitely worth giving the old college try.