How to Recognize and Treat Migraine in Children

It’s believed that children suffer only from minor headaches and not migraine. This is not true. Even children too suffer from migraine in some cases, that’s why you should try to understand the cause of the headache in your child and take the right steps to determine if you child is suffering from migraine attacks. A survey showed that 5 percent of grade school children  and 20 percent of adolescents suffer from migraines. It’s also seen that the percentage of girls suffering from migraine is more than boys. However, if boys have  migraines they have them very often. In some cases this frequency can be up to four times a week.

Children may suffer from headache for various reasons. It has been seen that four out of five children experience headache in case of flu or cold. Therefore you should know about  migraine and its symptoms in order to understand or judge if your child is suffering migraine.

A child suffering from migraine will have a pounding headache with a feeling of nausea and that will occur from time to time. The pain will usually begin in the forehead or side of the head or around the eyes and it will get worse. Certain activities may even trigger the intensity of the pain like a flash of light or loud music. A feeling of nausea or vomiting sensation is common in migraines. Sometimes the child may complain of seeing lines of shadows while having such a pain. This is called a warning aura of migraine.

If you child complains of headache try to evaluate the conditions and take him to a doctor. Don’t neglect the symptoms of headache of your child. It may become worse gradually. If you find symptoms  similar to migraine, it would be better if you your child  to a doctor for proper medication and diagnosis. Don’t try self medication since they are minors and the medicines may not suit them.