Natural Ways To Cure Headache During Pregnancy

Are you suffering from headache during pregnancy? If yes then you may be tempted to use one of the OTC pain relieving medications. But, this must be avoided. These medicines contain various substances that could be harmful for the health of your fetus. Here is how you can tackle the problem naturally.

* If you have a sinus headache, using a warm compress could be beneficial. Apply the warm compress around the eyes and the nose. This will ease the tension in the adjoining areas and provide relief.
* While hot compress works well for sinus headaches, a cold compress is effective for a headache. Simply wrap some ice cubes in a towel and apply it at the base of your neck. This will numb the area and provide relief.
  Sometimes, headaches may be a result of binge eating. There are certain carb rich foods that are quickly digested and transformed into sugar. As a result, these foods may spike the sugar levels and cause a feeling of nausea and headache. It is advised that you eat small meals at frequent intervals. This will help maintain sugar levels and avoid headache.
* Nothing works like a good massage to ease headache. Have someone to massage your shoulders and neck. If you could use essential oils such as lavender, sage, rosemary and the like, the results would be even better.
* Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing supplies your body with extra oxygen. This extra oxygen reaches your brain, and eases headache.
* Get some sleep. This can work wonders in relieving mild headache. Switch off all the lights in the room and draw the curtains. Make sure that no light enters the room and go off to sleep.
* A hot water bath is another excellent remedy that can help treat headache naturally. You could stand in the shower or soak yourself in a hot water tub. If you are using a hot water tub, then you can consider adding aromatic oils to the water for better results.
* Have some tea. Tea has been used to alleviate headaches for the longest time now. Get a cup of steaming hot tea and you are sure to experience relief. For better results, consider using herbal teas.
* Aromatherapy is another excellent technique that pregnant women can use to treat headache naturally. Your favorite fragrance can ease your body and relieve headache. However, make sure that you are not using too strong fragrances here. Go in for fragrances like sandalwood, lavender or eucalyptus that have a soothing effect.

Try these simple yet effective tips and you are sure to experience relief. However, if your headache persists or if these remedies seem to have no effect at all, consultation with a doctor is a must.