Migraine Headache

Birth Control Pills And Migraines

Factors like smoking, use of hormones in menopause and birth control pills can worsen the situation by causing permanent neurological changes. Such changes may lead to a stroke, later in life. Those who suffer from migraines should also question the use of the pill as it is one of the migraine triggers. To know more about birth control pills and migraines, read Complications Ensue.

There are several medical guidelines that you should be aware of if you are a migraine sufferer taking oral contraceptive pills. It is recommended that you do not take the pill or refrain from continuing its use if migraine symptoms persist and if you:

* have migraines with aura.
* develop migraine with aura sometime after starting the pill.
* if you are 35 years old or older.
* if you are a diabetic.
* have high cholesterol level.
* have high blood pressure.

There exist various methods of contraception for women with migraine who are unable to take the combined contraceptive pill such as the progestogen-only pill, the progestogen injection, intra-uterine devices or systems, and barrier methods. Hence, its advisable that for migraine headache relief, natural headache relief methods such as relaxation method and headache pillow should be used to deal with headache rack instead of mounting the number of drugs that you intake to cure headache and headache nausea. Remember that birth control pills and migraines have a connection so it's better to take care!