Migraine Headache

Causes Of Migraines

The general theory on the causes of migraines rested solely on the idea that abnormalities of blood vessel in the head were responsible for migraines. Now, experts tend to believe that migraine starts with an underlying central nervous system disorder, which, when triggered by various stimuli, sets off a chain of neurological and biochemical events, some of which subsequently affect the brain's vascular system. To know more about "causes of migraines", read Causes Of Headaches ? Smoking And Stress.

There are several different kinds of headaches like cough headache, hypertension headache, constant headache, pregnancy headaches etc. For effective headache treatment, one should see a headache specialist, maintain a headache diary and practice relaxation techniques.

The conditions which put a strain on the eyes can be sitting in front of the computer or television for too long, playing video games, or reading in improper lighting conditions. But apart from these, a poor posture, stress, and long periods of concentration are also believed to be some of the headache causes.

Migraine Triggers:

* Emotional stress
* Intense physical exertion
* Abrupt weather changes
* Bright or flickering lights
* High altitude * Travel motion
* Changes in sleep patterns
* Low blood sugar
* Chemicals found in certain foods like serotonin
* Smoking