Migraine Headache

Certain Tried And Tested Natural Cures For Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are rather painful. They are also called "sick headaches" because of the nausea and vomiting associated with them. These headaches are severe and unbearable. The pain lasts for three days causing irritation to the person. However, a plain aspirin could provide some relief. Additionally, a migraine sufferer experiences blurry vision and black spots before the eyes. These headaches are usually experienced on the one side of the head and are centered on the eye.
Noise and light becomes intolerable and eating becomes difficult for the sufferer. People at this point must take good rest to reduce the pain. Two days later, the sufferer feels weak and shaken. After feeling normal, the person feels alert and fine, until the next migraine strike occurs. Some of the causes of this pain are pressure at work place, stress, and tension. Migraines are linked with people who are perfectionists and work relentlessly to succeed.

They usually feel exhausted due to the increased work pressure. Migraines are also caused by excitement, fright, and extreme pressure. People with migraine should not push themselves to an extreme level. Excessive pain affects the physical capability, and makes the person lethargic. People must be aware of the changes that take place in their body and work accordingly. Excessive work can cause exhaustion thus leading to migraine attack. The blood vessels start shrinking and don’t let the blood circulate normally. This can sometimes lead to visual abnormalities.

During exhaustion, the blood pressure rises and starts dilating. It causes swelling of the walls vessels. The brain starts to release a stress enzyme which leads to migraine headache that causes harsh throbbing and pain. This further upsets the digestive system and makes the migraine go full-fledged.

A good diet is also very important to slow down pain. One must drink good amount of fluids to lessen the pain. Including good amounts of green vegetables and fruits in diet is also recommended. The food must be balanced and should contain nutrients in proper amount.

One must drink water and juices in good amount to detoxify the body. One must also slow down all stressful businesses. Person with migraine attack should rest properly and slow down his activities. Proper rest relaxes the blood vessels and decreases the migraine pain.

The patient must include good amount of vitamin, mineral, and proteins in his diet. Additional supplements can also be taken to relieve pain. The patient must consult a good doctor who could prescribe the required medicine.

The doctor must also advise the required precautions to be taken by the patient. People suffering from migraines can also go for certain natural ways of treatment that could help reduce stress and body pressure.