Migraine Headache

Childhood Migraines

; The frequency of headaches in children increases once they reach puberty. Although, initially the rate at which boys and girls get affected by this disorder is the same, but during adolescence, girls are more affected by it as compared to boys. To know more about "Childhood Migraines", read Headaches In Children: The Kids Suffer Too.
Abdominal migraine, also known as periodic syndrome, too is quite common in children. This kind of migraine results in recurrent episodes of vomiting and abdominal pain without headache. Various types of headaches can afflict children. These can range from migraine, tension headache, cough headache, headache fever to sore throat headache. Migraine in kids affects both sides of the head, unlike adult migraine.

In addition to fatigue and hunger, other triggers are sun exposure, excessive exertion, motion sickness, loud noises, head bumps, stress and anxiety. The treatments that can be prescribed for childhood migraines include keeping a headache diary and practicing relaxation techniques and natural headache relief methods and avoiding migraine triggers. Stronger medicines (such as ergotamine or sumatriptan) might be used if pain continues.

Migraines are defined as recurrent headaches accompanied by at least 3 of the following symptoms:

* abdominal pain
* nausea or vomiting
* throbbing headache
* specific location of pain
* associated "aura"
* relief with sleep
* family history of migraines