Migraine Headache

Coq10 And Migraines

Even for migraines, painkillers and pharmaceuticals are never the answer. The real answer is better nutrition, and a healthy nutritional strategy should always include a daily dose of CoQ10 and migraines tend to get better with nutrient supplements. To know more about coq10 and migraines, read Do Not Overuse Headache Medication.

Many people still are unaware about CoQ10, which is also extremely effective for supporting heart health and preventing heart attacks. So, they just continue dosing themselves with painkillers, destroying their liver function and causing severe gastrointestinal stress for decades on end. Coq10 appears to be beneficial in dealing with migraine causes and variety of different types of headaches like constant headache, cluster headache, severe headache and other such headaches.

Scientists are also seeing the benefits of coq10 in treating diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, lowering cholesterol and as alternative to migraine headache treatments. CoQ 10 also seems to have antioxidant and anti-aging properties. CoQ10 is related to the B-vitamin family. One important benefit of CoQ10 is its ability to aid mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells, in the complex process of converting food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy on which the body runs.

According to the specialist conducting headache research, the mechanism behind Coenzyme Q10's anti-migraine action may have to do with the mitochondria. They speculated that a decrease in mitochondrial energy reserve may cause activation of migraine triggers. Thus the link between Coq10 and migraines is set up.