Migraine Headache

Excedrin Migraine Medicine: Things to Know About It

Excedrin has been claimed as the first non-prescription migraine medication which has the approval of US Food and Drug Administration. Hence, it has become a popular option over the more expensive prescription drugs to treat the various symptoms of migraine.

The Product
Excedrin is a combination of three drugs: aspirin, acetaminophen and therapeutically active caffeine. The final product is marketed in three different forms: tablets, gel tabs, and caplets.

Aspirin is a popular antipyretic meant to treat symptoms like fever. Acetaminophen is yet another analgesic that helps relieve pain. Caffeine falls in both categories; it is an antipyretic as well as an analgesic. These are found in most pain killers and fever reducing medicines. However, when combined together, these three can easily treat symptoms of migraine.

By themselves, it appears that almost all of the three are harmless substances whose intake won't cause much of a problem. However, when taken in an unregulated amount, they can wreck havoc on the body. This is exactly where the makers of Excedrin have created a breakthrough. They have combined the potential of all the three drugs and created a single pill of varying strength to counter the symptoms of migraine.

Excedrin, Migraine and FDA Approval
In 1998, FDA clarified on Excedrin's non-prescriptive sale by stating that the product was passed only as a drug that helped treat the pain associated with migraine. What this meant was that the non-prescriptive sale of Excedrin was allowed in the market only if it treated the symptoms of pain originating from migraine. To treat any other symptom, it had to raise its strength and which would subsequently bring it under FDA regulations.

Hence, if you think that taking Excedrin would help you rid of all the symptoms related to migraine then you are wrong. Makers of Excedrin, in order to adhere with FDA guidelines on these issues, have kept its strength in check. So, if you are suffering from migraine symptoms other than pain, it is best that you pay a visit to your doctor. He/she would be the best person to prescribe a proper medication for you.

Caution To be Taken
While the dose of Excedrin may not adversely affect adult individuals, it might have some harmful effect on children. Hence, before administering the drug to them, it is best that the details given on the package be read.

Also, Excedrin should not be had along with alcohol as it can cause damage to the liver. Further, users should check if they suffer from an allergy to any type of painkillers.

Excedrin is effective in eradicating symptoms of migraine. However, if the headache persists or if it recurs in a new type of headache, then it becomes important to get a thorough diagnosis done by a trained physician.