Migraine Headache

Eye Migraines

Eye migraine has varied symptoms which get worse with age. Sometimes, only the visual signs of the attack like the aura are present. Eye migraines are characterized by abnormal visual sensations like blurred vision headache and eye strain headache.

Eye migraine is not a problem with your eyes. It is probably caused by temporary changes in blood vessels in your brain. These changes may be caused by:

* reactions to certain chemicals or foods
* emotional or physical stress

The symptoms of eye migraine may include:

* seeing zigzagging lines or patterns
* seeing shimmering or colored lights
* loss of vision in one spot or off to one side.

You can have severe headache pain following these symptoms. You may also have headache nausea or vomiting. You need to see a headache specialist and maintain a headache diary so that other problems and migraine triggers that can do permanent damage could be ruled out.

Opthalmic migraine has the same symptoms as the occular migraines, but occur during the height of the migraine. These are much more common eye migraines. The headache rack is accompanied by weakness in one or more of the eye muscles.

Eye migraines feature pain around the eyeball. The symptoms include double vision and a drooping eyelid and a dilated pupil in the affected eye. There is often a weakness of one or more of the muscles that control the movement of the eye or some problem with the pupil of the eye.