Migraine Headache

How To Deal With Migraine Headache?

Headache is a peculiar kind of disease. You get it for the asking. Its causes are simple as well as complex. It connects itself with all types of activities and all types of situations. Headache snatches out the working initiative from you. No creativity is possible in the state of even minor headache. Women get headaches for lesser causes. It may be due to their sensitive nature and tender build-up.

Majority of the patients who are admitted to the emergency wards of the hospitals complain about migraine headaches. The pain is so severe that it kills the affected without actually killing them. There are two types of migraine: the common migraine and the severe migraine.

The “beauty” of the migraine headache is its mysterious nature. The exact causes of this malady are not known till this date. The researchers are working on presumptions and assumptions. You can say that they are groping in the dark. It is strongly believed that serotonin is the primary cause of migraine headaches.

The leading opinion is that migraine headaches that are generally associated with nausea and vomiting mostly begin at childhood, and its attack increases as they pass through puberty. The girls are often affected by this headache during their adolescent years. The pain during the attack is so severe, that you are not in a position to carry on with your routine activities, when migraine seizes you. Intensity of the migraine however, varies from person to person.

Whether stress is the cause of migraine or migraine is the causes of stress? The answer to this question is somewhat like the answer to whether egg first or hen first.

To prevent this type headache, you come to the diet. You are advised to control your food habits. Give up stressful lifestyles. Firstly, you need to make a careful review of your day to day activities. Push up the positive aspects and control the negativities.

You need to practice the art of relaxation. Half of the headache cure can be obtained by the knowledgeable doctor's medical research. It is your own magical and imaginative touch that secures relief for the other half. The doctor can give you certain indications, but you need to be your own master of headache cure.

Wrong food is the cause of constipation. Constipation is also one of the important causes of headache. Some of the well-advised tablets and capsules may give you temporary cure from the headache, but over the time you are likely to become dependent on them.

So, to control migraine, you need to have a disciplined approach. Haphazard medication to get quick relief may prove counterproductive in the long run. Keep a record of your migraine attacks and show to your doctor, to enable him to take a proper decision on your condition.