Migraine Headache

How to Get Rid Of Migraine Headaches without Aspirin

Migraine headaches cause weakness in the body. These headaches are severe and rather painful. A painful migraine can, sometimes, lead to nausea and vomiting. Migraine results from light sensitivity and allergy due to dust. As aspirin tablet provides some ease to the patient. Some of the natural remedies for migraine can help relieve pain without causing any side effects.

It is good to drink a caffeinated beverage during a migraine attack. Caffeine helps by opening up the constricted blood vessels. It is good to drink water duration a migraine headache. Mild dehydration can worsen the headache symptoms.

A warm shower or bath helps at the onset of migraine symptoms. During the shower, put a cool compress on your head. Sit in a darkened room to ease light or noise sensitivity. An effective face massage eases the pain and stimulates the blood circulation. Warm feet soak also helps increase blood circulation and prevent nausea.

Herbal remedies also prevent migraine headache. Dried herbs can also be used to make tea or tinctures. But, it is advisable to dilute herbal extracts before use. These herbal medicines can also be consumed in the form of capsules. These herbal combinations are easily available at the different health stores.

Feverfewis a natural herb known to release mood hormones in the brain that is of great help. It is best to use fresh feverfew for effective results. It can also be consumed in the form of tea or a capsule.
Doctors many times recommend feverfew with bay to prevent any migraine. You can also combine few herbs together to relieve pain. These herbs are easily available in most of the health stores.

Ginger is another natural food that could be used to get relief. It is cooked with different vegetables. It relieves pain and prevents headaches. It is an anti-inflammatory food that reduces pain. It can be cooked or combined with different beverages and drinks.

Peppermint is another substance that can be used externally and internally. It helps relieve excessive pain and headache. Drinking peppermint tea is also beneficial. You can also mix some drops of peppermint oil with a lotion or body oil, and massage your temples and scalp.

Avoid foods that can trigger an attack. Foods such as wheat, chocolate, caffeine, and cheese can lead to migraine pain. Other triggers of migraine can be stress, hormonal changes, changes in altitude, and changes in sleeping patterns. Some of the above natural foods can help reduce pain.

The natural remedies reduce pain and severity of a migraine headache. Doctors’ advice is must in this case. Doctor advises the type of food to be consumed in this case. He will also tell about some of the precautions to be followed in such cases.