Migraine Headache

How To Massage Migraine Headaches

You need to know that migraines are rather painful and can cause fever and vomiting. However, massage is an effective way to relieve migraine headaches. It can be done at home and/or by a professional massager. A light head massage provides relief to the patient. It requires massaging on certain specific points to reduce the blow of migraine headache.

The pressure points must be clearly defined so that the massage turns out to be effective. When these points are pressed with force, the pain lessens. Though, care must be taken not to exert too much pressure on these points as it could prove painful as well as harmful. These points, in fact, must be pressed in a rhythmic manner.

It can be done slowly by using an herbal oil or balm. It helps lower the stress and tension in the body. This further helps circulate the blood within the body. Use pads of your thumbs and the first two fingers to press on the pressure points. Balance and keep the pressure light on the points. Press softly on the sensitive areas as greater pressure could create problems. Hardness or tension under the thumb or fingers is a must. Apply pressure gradually and feel the thumb going deeper.

The massage must make you feel softer and warmer. The massage rejuvenates the body by providing relief to the patient. While massaging, release the migraine pressure point until your thumb or finger leaves the skin. Repeat the process several times at the same point. Remember to be firm and gentle. Too much pressure creates tension near the surrounding muscles. Relax as much as you can, and take rest by sleeping.

Locate the skull at the back and place your thumb pads under its base. Hold your thumbs against the two points and tilt your head slightly. Now, press it upward gently till you reach the deepest point. Massage in circular motion by holding the pressure. Slowly, release the pressure so that the patient feels at ease.

The pressure points are located in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. Use the first two fingers and press them gradually by breathing deeply. Massage in circular motion by holding the pressure. Slowly, release the pressure and repeat it 10 times. You can sometimes also work on the outer corners of your eyes. Move your fingers away from the eyes until you find the spots behind the bone.

Apply the inward pressure and breathe deeply. After reaching the deepest point, massage in circular motions, by holding the pressure. Now, release the pressure. Migraine pressure points are also found on hand. One such point is located in the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze the upper portion of this migraine pressure point at least 10 times in a circular motion.

Migraines points are also found on the top of each foot. It is located between the big toe and the second toe. Press the point gradually and massage in circular motion by holding the pressure. Different people respond differently to these pressure points. In extreme conditions, you can also consult a good doctor who can tell about the required precautions.

Apart from undertaking massage, a good diet is also extremely important for the patient. The patient must include good amount of green vegetables and fruits in his diet. Drinking lots of water and juices, to detoxify the body, is also recommended. One is advised to seek good medical help in case of any severity.