Migraine Headache

Los Angeles Migraines

Knowing headache causes is the first step towards its cure. As per the Los Angeles migraines headache research society, there are some headache remedies that can help you get relief of headache, effectively. For more information on them, read Neck Tension Leads To Headache.

The cause of migraine headache is that blood vessels in the brain suddenly narrow and then dilate. When the blood vessels dilate, the headache rack develops. By relaxing the muscles in the face and neck that press on nerves, headache can be relieved. BOTOX injections help a lot because they ease muscles, and can thus treat a majority of migraine patients successfully.

The physiological basis of migraine have proved difficult to get uncovered. There are a multitude of potential triggers for a migraine attack, and recognizing one's own set of triggers is the key to prevention. There can be many reasons for headache. Yours could be a hypertension headache or a cluster headache. Reducing neck tension helps in reducing headache. There are several headache medicines available in the market. You may even practice yoga, as it has proved to be a long term solution to headaches.