Migraine Headache

Medical Journal Caffeine Migraine

When you resolve to give up drinking coffee, suddenly your headache rack can become unbearable. Initially, caffeine gives you encouragement. But, now when you tend to give it up for some valid reasons, like deterioration of your health due to excessive intake; it shows its ill impact by causing constant caffeine headache. For more information on "Medical Journal Caffeine Migraine" read Know Headaches Caused By Food You Eat.

A variety of drugs, food, environmental cues and certain events are known to trigger migraine symptoms according to medical journal caffeine migraine. The common food triggers are:

* Cheese
* Caffeine products and caffeine withdrawal
* Citrus fruits
* Alcohol
* Chocolate
* Dairy products
* Sweet food items
* Fermented and pickled foods

There are multitude potential triggers for a migraine attack, and recognizing one's own set of migraine triggers is the key to prevention of severe headache and constant headache. Stressful events may trigger off migraine attacks or even tension headache in susceptible persons. Many headaches are food-related. For this migraine headache relief, there is no quick solution. Do not implement your resolution suddenly, do it slowly but steadily. The chances are more this way that you will overcome caffeine headache.