Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache – Several Causes, Lots of Cures!

Migraine headache is one of the most common headaches amongst the people who suffer from it. Although the experts have not been able to find out the exact cause and the cure of the disease, there are several treatments available to try to reduce the frequency of the migraine headache and make it less painful.

The causes of migraine headache differ from person to person. However, everybody has some reasons that trigger a migraine headache. This could be some particular food or a habit or any addiction or any thing else. Thus, only the sufferer can find out what causes a migraine headache. Generally, stress and tension cause migraine. One thing to keep in mind is that not a single reason can trigger migraine and it has to be a combination of more than one cause.

As for eating habits, You cannot avoid all food items but surely can make some changes in your eating habits and avoid certain things that are allergic to you. Migraine is the worst type of headache and pain killers do not give much relief so if you are able to get rid of some certain things from your life, life would be much easier for you.

You should start keeping a headache journal and keep a record of how frequently you had the migraine and how intense it was and how it got cured. This journal will help your doctor to analyze your case in a much better way. This journal will also help you to pinpoint the things that trigger migraine so that you can avoid them.

Many people think that migraine is caused because of stress but it is not completely true. People who are not under stress also suffer from migraine. So, better you should find out the reason for your migraine and then find a treatment for it. You can go for an acupuncture treatment as well as try out the water therapy for the purpose.
A holistic approach such as Petadolex which is a herbal treatment will also help you a lot and can get rid of that awful pain.