Migraine Headache

Nail The Type Of Headache Down!

Whether you like it or not, the facts stand that headaches have become the part and parcel of our modern lives. Increasing stress, unhealthy lifestyle and pollution have contributed to this phenomenon which seems to be in no mood to shrug its back off from us. In all likelihood, they are here to stay. So, it would be better to have a glance at different types of headache to acquaint us better with the disease at hand:

Menstrual Migraine: Women seem more prone to headaches than men. Almost one in every three women is likely to contract this form of headache. This is chiefly because of the hormone, Serotonin present in humans and their likely reactionary effects on females. These headache types may strike anytime, before or after menstruation or even during the menstrual cycle. Hence, they are termed as “Menstrual Migraines”. The root cause has, however, been traced to fluctuations and changes in the hormone “Estrogen” and “Progesterone”.

The bad news is that the use of oral contraceptives influence the hormonal cycle aggravating problem especially Birth Control Pills. The symptoms are similar to those of any general headache and are accompanied by nausea, getting increasingly sensitive to light or sound or vomiting. The migraine might be preceded by an aura.

Rebound Headache: Hitting the medicine cabinet every time you get a headache may increase your susceptibility to headaches and you tend to experience what is called a rebound headache. Going for other remedial methods like tea, coffee which have ingredients such as “caffeine” are no good as they accelerate the working and the effectiveness of the other ingredients making the job all the more complicated.

There is also the distinct possibility of getting addicted to the medicines. Such hook-ups may prove to be fatal in the long run. With keeping away from these substances, you may be able to keep this “Rebound Headache” at bay to some extent. Hence, do try and stay away from addictive substances. You may be able to feel a change in your health patterns after you experience any kind of ups and downs in your health owing to its absence. Thus try to keep the medicines at bay and not to get addicted to them.