Migraine Headache

Nerve Block Migraine May, At Times, Result In No-Headache!

Migraine has been known as one of the greatest menaces throughout the world. There is hardly anybody in the world who has not experienced the pain of headache. It has successfully managed to evade all kinds of medical treatments. Although there has been some success in bits, it is not much of use to the common man as it is very expensive. Moreover, there is no specific kind of treatment as the diagnosis and medicine developed for a particular set of syndromes is unlikely to succeed in a similar case.

Another interesting fact about the migraine to be pointed out is that unlike other forms of headaches where the head aches, migraine attacks may not result in headache at all. In spite of all these drawbacks, a couple of therapies have sprung up for curing and treating migraine. Among these, the nerve block migraine has proven to be an effective means of diagnosis.

Occipital Nerve Block Migraine Injection: This kind of treatment aspires to block the passage itself that leads to pain. However, the tests haven’t been fully approved yet by the medical fraternity and the feasibility of the treatment would be available only after a year’s time.

Occipital Nerve Block Migraine Implant: This treatment is very similar to the above treatment. The only difference is that the implant is planted electronically to block the passage way and the treatment is not under full-scale operation. However, the positive side is that in whatever cases it has been performed, it has proved to be successful.

In addition to these Nerve Block Migraine injections and implants, there are also a host of treatments being developed. Of these, Botox therapy has been a great success. Amongst the recent inventions, the PFO closure procedure is being tried and experimented so as to find a possible way out of migraine.