Migraine Headache

New Migraine Medicine

Headache research is a field which is persistently busy in finding new migraine medicine. Examples of migraine medications currently on the market include: propranolol, timolol, divalproex and some antidepressants. To know more about the New Migraine Medicine read, The Latest Tools For Headache Relief.

Natural headache relief treatment for migraine can be done with the help of Feverfew or fish oil. A migraine sufferer is thus always advised to maintain a diary of food he consumes, so that it may be known as to which food acts as a trigger for his/her migraine attack. When migraine occurs, pain centers in the brain are activated, resulting in throbbing pain. Symptomatic relief medications are used in the relief of the actual symptoms that are most commonly associated with migraines. Following are the medicines used for migraine headache relief:

*Beta-blockers- These include propranolol, metoprolol, and atenolol.
*Amitriptyline (antidepressant)- Most often, amitriptyline and a beta-blocker are used together.
*Anticonvulsants- Medicines called topiramate and sodium valproate, are known as anticonvulsants. They are used to prevent epilepsy. Howsoever, it has been found that these might prevent migraine attacks as well.

Other new migraine medicine that can be tried include- methysergide, gabapentin, pizotifen, lisinopril, calcium channel blockers and selective serotonin inhibitors (SSRIs). The migraine medicines have become essential to fight migraine headache, that makes a person restless. Migraines can also be treated with the help of natural headache relief methods. The field of headache research is growing fast to find cure for different types of headaches.