Migraine Headache

Special Nutritional Changes to Fight Migraines

Improper eating habits are considered among the top conditions that induce different illnesses. This is also true in the case of headaches and migraine. If you take proper diet, you will not have to worry about such problems arising out of dietary concerns. Below are some nutritional changes to fight migraines that you should adapt in your lifestyle.

Fresh Food is Healthy Food
For years, the dietary experts have shouted from rooftops that people should only eat fresh food. Fresh food is free of a number of bacteria and other harmful substances. It must be understood here that the concept of fresh food includes freshly cooked food along with what is the conventional idea of fresh food (fresh fruits, vegetables, juices etc).

Never take excessive amounts of alcohol, caffeine or desserts
Excessive amounts of alcohol, caffeine or desserts are a bad idea if you are trying to fight migraine. These substances have a direct impact on the chemistry of human brain. Too much of caffeine or desserts would lead you in a position where you will feel that whereas your body is tired, your mind is still hyperactive. This is an open invitation for migraine.

Take Small and Properly Balanced Meals
Gluttony is a sin, not just from religious perspective but from health perspective as well. It is necessary that you take small and well balanced meals in a fixed routine. This will ensure that you get all the essential nutrients and are still not overeating.

Artificial Sweeteners are an absolute no no…
Artificial sweeteners are used in soft drinks, especially those carrying the diet brand. Makers of squashes, pre-served juices etc also use these sweeteners. These sweeteners have an excessive amount of harmful chemicals that impact both your body and brain chemistry. The more you consume such things, the worse it will be.

Ensure the correct balance of your blood sugar
One reason of migraine that has been brought to light time and again is incorrect balance of blood sugar. If your blood sugar level goes too low or too high, it will lead to severe bout of migraine. The levels of your blood sugar affect the energy carried to your brain. Any fluctuation in this is another open invitation to migraine.

No Monosodium Glutamate
Monosodium Glutamate is used in a number of packaged and ready to eat foods. It has negative impact on the chemical composition of your body and you brain by increasing certain chemicals and decreasing the others. As a result your body has to compensate which in certain cases, leads to more deficiency of essential nutrients.

A healthy eating style is not per se the cure of Migraine but it can act as a great catalyst in preventing severe bouts.