Migraine Headache

A Synopsis On Migraine Headache

Migraine attack is a mini-earthquake in your head, in your system. It is crushing; it throbs; it pulsates! And it brings along with it many other unbearable troubles such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sleep disruption. If somebody talks loudly you are irritated and you suffer from depression! Migraine attacks arrive quite often, say they come recurring, and as age advances, its severity decreases!

Each migraine headache is special. There are a variety of migraines! Their symptoms are different. The important ones are: migraine with aura and migraine without aura. The other classifications are: basilar artery migraine, headache-free migraine, status migraine and there are many more.

Changes that occur in the hormones also cause migraine. Then there is what is called menstrual migraine. Many women develop migraine for the first time during pregnancy. There is no age limit as such for the attack of migraine. It takes one on, right from the age of 10 but it may diminish in degrees after the age of 50. In a month you may have several attacks of migraines, but if you are lucky during the entire life time, you might experience such attacks which you can count on with fingers. Women folks are the worst migraine-hit. About 75 migraine patients are women.

What are the causes of migraine?

There is no concrete finding about the exact cause of migraine as of now. Till date, it is only guesswork. One possible reason could be the response of the central nervous system to bodily changes or changes in the environment. It could even be the family history of migraine. You might have inherited sensitivity, which triggers and initiates the condition of inflammation in the blood vessels and nerves in the brain area.

Migraine attacks one side of the head. The pain is so severe, it leaves the individual shattered. Even if you are sleeping, the attack will wake you up suddenly. It is unbearable when it attacks you, and you feel tired, weak and exhausted, when the attack subsides. If you lower the head, the pain is more. Coughing and straining, will add to your problem! Migraine is suffering, suffering and more suffering all the way.