Migraine Headache

An Introduction To Migraine Headache

Headache is one common problem that everyone faces. Like other sicknesses, even headache has its genres depending upon nature and causes of headache. Headache could be the side effect of some diseases or it may trigger because of constant stress that you may have been facing in your life. Although, most types of headache could be effectively cured but one genre of headache is yet to be offered a permanent cure. Yes! I am talking about migraine pain that is still shrouded with mystery.

Medical science is yet to ascertain exact causes of migraine headache. In most of the cases migraine pain disappears suddenly after troubling you for quite some time. But it may worsen a person's condition if it is a recurring one. It happens when you are afflicted with classic migraine pain.

In rare cases, the pain is termed as Status Migrainosus. This migraine pain persists till you undergo severe medication and take sufficient rest. This type of migraine completely disrupts your schedule. You are needed to take a break and relax for a couple of days. However, majority of folks suffer from common migraine pain which makes you fall on the bed. You are resilient enough to quickly come back to your routine after a common migraine.

Seeing the gravity of migraine pain, you are not recommended to use over the counter pain killers to subside your pain.

Most of the medical researchers claim that migraine pain could be due to variation in serotonin level. Serotonin is a brain chemical that is said to have its effect on blood vessels going to brain. Blood vessels keep swelling and shrinking due to varying level of serotonin. This variation beyond the normal range results in to migraine. But, factual evidences have not yet proved the perfection of this medical theory regarding migraine.

It's not necessary that only adults might suffer from migraine, even a child could suffer from migraine if he/she remains in stressful situations. Children afflicted with migraine must not be allowed to use non-prescription pain killers. Such children are suggested to perform breathing exercises and other relaxation exercises.

If you are facing a recurring migraine pain, you must also keep track of the frequency of recurrence. It happens to be of great help for doctors in suggesting medication by ascertaining the gravity level of migraine.