Migraine Headache

Causes Of Migraine: The Numbers Never Diminishes

It is quite true that there are a whole host of causes that lead to migraine. Some of these might seem to be quite innocent. The list is ever-increasing and the numbers don't seem to diminish. However, the common causes for migraine are epilepsy, Ergotamine rebound headache and obesity.

Researches have indicated that epilepsy and migraine are comorbid diseases. That is they might occur in the same patient simultaneously although they are independent of each other. Still, physicians might overlook the fact that epilepsy and migraine both need treatment. Reason being that epilepsy, having episodes of seizures, is considered a more serious disorder. As a result of this, the symptoms of migraine are ignored.

In spite of the fact that epilepsy and migraine, both, are chronic disorders resulting due to some neurological dysfunction, it may so happen that an epileptic might not report his migraine headaches to the doctor. This happens because his symptoms are effectively being treated by the antiepileptic drugs that he may be using.

Ergotamine rebound headache:
Ergotamine is a vasoconstrictor most commonly taken by migraine sufferers to abort migraine attacks. But then it is not advised to take it for more than 2 days per week. Although the medication is not habit-forming but many migraine patients take it because they feel that not taking the dose can make the headache recur.

Ergotamine is a medicine prescribed only for intermittent and not regular use. Excess of this medicine may lead to circulatory problems and even changes in the heart rate or blood pressure. In fact, it is thought that it is the regular intake of ergotamine itself which may be responsible for the headache.

The medicine has not been designed for use on a daily basis. Hence, taking it regularly can affect some receptors in the brain and negatively influence the pain process. So, instead a vicious cycle follows, where instead of relieving the pain, the medicine actually aggravates it.

Ergotamine rebound headache is a headache caused by overuse of medicine. The patient needs to stop taking ergotamine but then may experience withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, hospitalization may also be necessary.

Migraine and obesity form a vicious circle, whereby one leads to the other. It is not that obese people are more at a risk of migraine. But instead, migraine may cause obesity due to the fact that migraine sufferers become inactive due to the frequent, intense pain that they suffer. It is actually inactivity which is the cause of their obesity. It is also seen that some migraine medications may increase the appetite and can thus, cause weight gain.

Obesity is dangerous in the case of migraine because it increases the risk factors and may even cause various complications.