Migraine Headache

How Do I Know If I Have An Ocular Migraine?

The persons suffering from migraine headaches will say its nothing but migraine headache. It is confused with the different types of migraine headache. 15% of people suffering from migraine headaches will say they are suffering from ocular headache.

Define Ocular Migraine
Sometimes, there may not be any actual headache and the aura in which visual symptoms predominate will be focused with the Ocular Migraine.

Without any headache sometimes this Ocular Headache occurs. When you look at the images, if it distorts then it is a migraine. Distortion usually begins in the image’s center and moves to one side. Only one eye will get affected at the time with Ocular Migraine. With the progresses of Ocular Migraine, the image may turn gray. With the affect of it, there is the possibility of losing sight temporarily.

Doctors also differ in their understanding of Ocular Migraine. Some opine Ocular Migraine is more likely to occur, as one got older, while some others opine it is typically seen in young adults. You may think you are losing your sight, so it is quite frightening too.

With the Ocular Migraine symptoms, physicians also get confused sometimes. Some physicians explain visual disturbances of aura without headache. While some other opine it refers to the one-sided spots in the field of vision, or blindness, which can last for an hour, and is associated with headache.

Are you facing any problem like Ocular Migraine? It is with headache or without headache, have you any visual disturbances of an aura in only one eye, then you may have Ocular Migraine.
Specific Symptoms of Ocular Migraine

This is a question of all most all sufferers of headaches, that how can I know if I have Ocular Migraine? Go through it. If you have any of these symptoms, then you are facing ocular migraine.
Holes in your field of vision It is just like looking at a flower, and the center of the flower is missing. Or you are watching television, and you can see the outside of the screen, but cannot see the center of the picture. When you close the affected eye, you can see the full screen. So there is possibility of blind spot.

When you looking through the affected eye, you can see it as you are seeing it through hidden behind a shade of gray. It is just like you are watching television and someone slipped a thin gray cloth over the screen.

Another test is there to know about ocular migraine, is to see if the affected eye sees things as through a window with rain streaming down over it. The watery glass will be visible limited to the affected eye.

Ocular Migraine Symptoms Are Temporary

Although the doubt in every one’s mind comes with the affects of Optical Migraine, you will never see clearly again. But, the symptoms are temporary, and will not cause any damage to your eye which can last forever.

But, the symptoms can affect daily activities of reading and driving.

Why Ocular Migraine Is Not Just Another Migraine Aura

Both Ocular Migraine and migraine with aura are very similar, and some people get confusion while distinguishing these two. Visual disturbances is the key source to know about the two. If the visual trouble is brain’s occipital cortex, it is the symptoms of migraine with aura. If the source is the eye’s retinal blood vessels, it is Ocular Migraine.

Test Your Suspected Ocular Migraine

To know about the affects of Ocular Migraine, is to test the eye. Close one eye, if the symptoms remains, close the opposite eye. If the symptoms stop, you may have Ocular Migraine. If the symptoms do not stop, both the eyes may be affected, and you may have probably experiencing traditional migraine aura.


Although you may have Ocular Migraine, or may be any thing else, it will be better for you if you take advice from your physician. Otherwise, you may face some serious eye disease.