Migraine Headache

Lavender, a Natural solution to all your Migraine Headaches!

Migraine is a type of headache and a large number of people are suffering from it lately. According to some medical statistics, 24 million people in US alone have migraine. The astonishing factor is that seventy five percent of these people are women. Stunning revelation says that one person in 13 above the age group of 15 wakes up in the morning with headache. However, you need not to panic as with the latest scientific treatment, it is easy to have control over it.

According to medical statistics, women generally are likely to get depression twice as much as men. Since women are more prone to anxiety disorders than men, this takes a toll on all-over development of women’s health. When women have anxiety and depression, they wake up with headache in the morning and sometimes it lasts for hours. However, depression and chronic pain are two different pains and there is a correlation between them. Millions of men and women in US are having depression and sleep disorders and you might have spent some sleepless nights because of it with many times lead to physical and emotional sufferings

I, being a nurse by profession, suffered from fibromyalgia. I tried to manage it by herbal therapies and was compelled to share alternative therapies of treatment of migraine as well. I manage to get the daily stress over which is root cause of migraine, muscle ache and depression. You can get relief to a much greater extent with essential oils and aromatherapy. Since Lavender is a powerful fragrance, it is a good herbal remedy for migraine and it is also not diluted.

To use it in a better way, put a few drops of lavender on temples at the time of migraine. This will relax the muscles. You also need lavender eye pillow to relax during migraine. Since lavender has the aromatherapic qualities, it restores the sleep of the person and he/she feels relaxed. For better results, you need to mix flax seed with lavender and this will make eye pillow rest across your cheek bones and temples. Warming up with lavender eye pillow with flax seed is very beneficial and this will relax you in case of tension headaches. In case of migraine headaches, you need to chill this mixture. Lavender can handle stress of workplace in the best way in case of migraine.