Migraine Headache

Try Out These Migraine Medications

The exact headache causes of this ailment are not known till date. The headache research is on and the researchers are working on presumptions and assumptions. It is strongly believed that serotonin is the primary cause of migraines.

Natural headache relief for migraine can be gained with the help of Feverfew or fish oil. To know more about the Migraine Medications read Natural Treatment For Migraine

When migraine occurs, pain centers in the brain get activated, resulting in a throbbing pain. Other brain centers may also be activated, resulting in migraine symptoms such as extreme sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and aura. Symptomatic relief medications are used to obtain relief from the actual symptoms that are most commonly associated with migraines.

Examples of migraine medications currently doing their rounds in the market include: propranolol (brand name: Inderal), timolol (brand name: Blocadren), divalproex (brand name: Depakote) and some antidepressants.

The best approach to Migraine management is the MULTIFACTORAL approach, which involves addressing all four aspects of Migraine health care: preventive treatment, trigger management, abortive treatment, and general pain management.

The migraine causes are mainly vascular. The changes in the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain trigger of the pain. Of course, the causes for the changes may vary but this is generally how it starts. Migraine affects the quality of life one leads as there are constant headaches. Persistent headache could hamper the day to day work increasingly and thus cause a lot of problem for the sufferer.