Migraine Headache

Optical Migraine May Cloud Both Your Visions!

Optical migraine manifests itself on a cluster of symptoms which are not limited to just one or two but are diverse and profound. It could range from anything between acute sense of irritation, vomiting tendencies or the real spill, suffocation, diarrhea or loose bowels, a constricted discharge or far off light or sound relegating into increased aversion of the same.

Optical Migraines could also be visited by an aura or without an aura. The pain when occurring may dominate one side of the brain or may encompass the entire hemisphere of the cranium. Migraine can again be divided into the following types on the basis of their symptoms and location of the pain:

1.    Basilar Migraine: It is popularly known as Basilar Type Migraine or BTM and is a major case of Optical Migraine. It is accompanied by aura which could cloud both your visions. This state is better regarded as aura and might lead to an unbalance in the equilibrium of the cranium.

2.    Abdominal Migraine: It exudes in symptoms prevalent or specific of the abdominal region. The pain is immense and could often lead to a complete black-out.

3.    Retinal Migraine: Retina is the reflector present in our eyes. Optical Migraine affecting this region affects the metabolism of the retina and might lead to contraction or narrowing down of the arteries of the retina.

4.    Ophthalmic Migraine: This kind of Optical Migraine grossly affects the vision causing an acute blindness or a major type of visual disturbance. A subsidiary of the neurological disease is Ophthalmologic Migraine which shows the symptoms of Opthalmologia.

The best way to treat Optical Migraine is to perform a proper analysis and a subsequent diagnosis. Get yourself properly checked up and comply with the prescription suggested by your doctor. Always remember that your doctor’s words are the last word.