Migraine Headache

Painless Migraines

Painless migraines have many names, such as sans-migraine, acephalgic migraine, migraine equivalent, visual migraine, eye migraine, ocular migraines and silent migraine. But, the most common one is migraine "aura" without headache. Migraine aura without headache is the situation when you have migraine symptoms but no headache. The symptoms are generally visual like shimmering, bright zigzag shapes and distortions signs.

Symptoms of painless migraine are vertigo or dizziness, difficulty in speaking, weakness, numbness, blind spots, double vision and amnesia. A migraine aura, typically lasts for an hour. Often, medications is not required and if you need it, you should take something that acts fast. Commonly used drugs are effervescent aspirin, a beta-agonist inhalent, calcium channel blockers, sublingual nitroglycerin and naproxen sodium.

Abortive drugs prove helpful for treating painless migraines. Sometimes, even an aspirin can stop the activation of migraine triggers. Beta-agonist inhalent, sublingual nitroglycerin, meclofenamate and naproxen sodium are helpful. Calcium channel blockers used for migraine headache relief may also be helpful in case of prevention. Consulting your headache specialist and maintaining your headache diary are advisable.

Remember that painless migraine is still a migraine. It's a misconception that migraine is only a bad headache. It's actually a neurological disease, and headache is one of the symptoms. There are various treatments for migraine causes, including painless migraine.