Migraine Headache

Silent Migraines

Silent migraine is one of those migraines that do not include a headache. As strange as it may sound, it's actually not all that unusual. Over the years, silent migraine has gone by other names, including acephalgic migraine, sans-migraine, migraine equivalent, eye migraine, visual migraine, ocular migraine, painless migraine or simply migraine aura without headache. Today, it's usually called migraine aura without headache.

Treatment of silent migraine:
Rare or mild occurrences of silent migraines may not require migraine headache treatments at all, but when migraine symptoms are debilitating, there is help required.

Abortive drugs are often helpful.Sometimes, something as simple as aspirin can stop the effect of migraine triggers. Usually, you want something that is fast acting, such as a beta-agonist inhalent (such as isoproterenol). Some other helpful medications are sublingual (under the tongue) nitroglycerin, meclofenamate, and naproxen sodium. For prevention, calcium channel blockers, used for migraine headache relief, may also be helpful. Anti-seizure drugs are sometimes tried, such as topiramate. Consulting your headache specialist and maintaining your headache diary are advisable and you must also know about the range of migraine medications available today.

Remember that silent migraine is still basically migraine. It's a common misconception that migraine is simply a bad headache. It's actually a neurological disease, and headache is only one of the possible symptoms. There are various types of treatment for different kinds of migraines, silent migraine included. Even if a regular headache medicine and natural headache relief measures do not work with you, one of the several medications available would surely work. No need to suffer anymore, see a specialist at the earliest.