Migraine Headache

Stress, Fatigue Cause Headaches/Migraine

A large number of people are suffering from the headache/ migraine these days. Are you one of those who suffer from it? Here are few things that you can try to free yourself from the severe pain.

During the menopause, some women have migraine for the first time which is usually the result of stress, fatigue, rushes of kundalini that move into the crown area and rapidly changing hormone levels that run through the liver. However, the pain goes away on its own after the menopause and depends on person to person.

First of all, lie down in complete darkness and silence and try to sleep until the headache is gone. Secondly, try to know the real cause of the headache. Headaches/migraines are common amongst those people who suffer from HRT/ERT as well.

Another thing to do is try some natural remedy. You can rub a drop of chamomile or lavender oil on your palms and place them on the aching part of the head. Sit in a chair in a relaxed position and ask somebody to hold your head in between the palms. A blinking red light can also relieve you in severe cases of the migraine. Using goggles that restrict the side vision may also help. Women can try a female therapist to cure migraine.

Other natural remedies include the use of tea, tincture of garden sage leaves, vinegar of fresh willow leaves, black cohosh root tincture, Vervain (this is effective for menopausal women), Lady's mantle leaves ( especially beneficial for women who are about to face or leave the motherhood period). Additionally, the spring primrose also relieves the menopausal migraines but you have to take it on a regular basis.

Some particular foods, sometimes, may cause the headache. It is better to find out what are the food items that cause allergy and some kind of irritation. You may judge the best. Doctors reveal that the relation between headache and food is quite sketchy. So, you have to find out what suits your body and what not. Moreover, you should avoid alcohol, keep cool, do not use sauna or hot baths, soak your feet in chilled water mixed with drops of rosemary oil.
In any case, try to avoid over the counter pain killers as they do not kill the pain but just block the pain receptors of the brain.