Migraine Headache

Tasks Not To Be Performed By A Migraine Sufferer

Eat whatever they feel like eating whenever they feel like eating. Foods are a primary trigger for migraine headaches. Some studies claim that the overwhelming majority of migraines are triggered by food and food additives. Foods to definitely beware of include aged cheeses, chocolate, lunchmeats and hot dogs that contain the food additive nitrate, as well as foods high in monosodium glutamate.

Consume caffeine excessively. Caffeine can be a major trigger of migraines and even worse is caffeine withdrawal. If you are going ingesting a large amount of caffeine, make sure you have access to it when the withdrawal begins.

Delete the Weather Channel from your TV. Fluctuations in barometric pressure, extreme changes in heat and cold and other weather changes can affect your migraines. Be aware of any changes in the weather and especially any changes in weather conditions when traveling.

Take up smoking. Smoke, whether directly ingested or secondhand, is a top thing to avoid of you are a migraine sufferer.

Engage in visual overstimulation. Visual stimulation, especially sudden contrasts between light and dark, can trigger headaches. Take notice of the conditions in which you watch television or work at the computer or play video games. When doing any of these things, it’s also a good idea to take a break if you can.

Take a high stress job. Stress levels contribute mightily to migraines and if you can avoid the stress in any situation, it’s a good idea to do so.

Use more than the recommended dose of painkillers. If the recommend dose isn’t doing the trick, find another method of treatment, don’t increase it. Using more than the recommended dose of not just prescription medicine, but over the counter remedies can result in what is known as a “rebound headache.” All too often the more medication one takes to combat the migraine, the more frequently the headache will recur. Instead of taking more of the same medicine, switch to a different brand or try an alternative treatment.

Ignore the benefits of supplement therapy. Many vitamin supplements and herbal remedies have proven quite effective. Don’t think of them as suspect, new-age, voodoo treatments and investigate them fully to see if it’s for you.

When you feel a migraine coming, get into your car and go to the mall. The best place for you when a migraine occurs is in a dark, quiet place with as much isolation as possible. Lay down, relax and try to focus on your breathing.

Ignore your temperature. Body temperature often fluctuates during migraines and resetting it can be a pathway to relief. If you are hot, put a cold, damp washcloth over your forehead. If you feel cold, put a warm washcloth over your forehead.

Keep a hectic, irregular schedule. A schedule based on routine to the point of getting in a rut may be boring, but it helps with migraines. Try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Try to keep the same schedule before bedtime when you can. Regular sleep patterns have been found to be very beneficial in combating migraines.

Disregard all opportunities for exercise. Exercise can help with migraines. Aside from the other benefits of exercising regularly, it has been established beyond a doubt that physical fitness in general helps stave off migraines and the physical act of exercising itself can bring instant relief to a headache.

Keep your doctor in the dark. If you have been having migraines more than a few times a year, you need to let your doctor know. It may not seem like any big deal, but a few times a year this year could translate into a few times a month next year. The sooner you begin battling migraines, the sooner you will no longer have to deal with them.

Don’t worry about your migraine medication if you’re trying to get pregnant. Women who are attempting to have a baby should consult with their doctor well beforehand to make sure the medications or other treatments they are taking won’t interfere with their baby’s health.