Treatment Of Headache

Ginkgo Biloba Herb- A Solution To Many Problems Including Headache

Ginkgo biloba herb is extracted from ginkgo tree. Geological studies believe that this tree has been around for 150-200 million years. The Chinese monks propagated the tree and made its existence up to this day possible. Ginkgo biloba herb is regarded as a sacred herb in China and is used to treat various ailments for a thousand or so years. It was introduced to Europe in the 1700s. As of the present, ginkgo biloba herb is the commonly used drug in France and Germany.

Because of ginkgo biloba herb’s huge popularity, it had attracted keen interest among science experts who subject ginkgo biloba herb to various researches. As a proof to this, in the last 30 years alone, more than 300 studies have been conducted on this herb to determine ginkgo biloba herb’s positive effects to the body.

Ginkgo biloba herb is known to be used in China to treat asthma, lung congestion, vertigo and several neurological and circulation problems. Ginkgo biloba herb contains two groups of substasnces: flavonoids and terpene lactones. Terpene lactones contiain ginkgolides A, B and C, bilobaide, quercetin and kaempferol. Ginkgolides according to studies can control asthma, allergic inflammation and anaphylactic shock.

Ginkgo biloba herb also increases blood flow to the brain and in all blood vessels. Oxygen levels in the brain, which comprised 20% of the body’s oxygen, are increased in the process. Metabolism’s efficiency increases and neurotransmitters are regulated. Enhanced circulation in the brain can also enhanced short and long term memory and promotes mental alertness. It is widely regarded as a brain tonic because of its beneficial effects on the vascular system especially in the cerebellum. Its high antioxidant activity helps counteract aging and ailments associated with aging like mental fatigue and lack of energy. Ginkgo biloba herb is proven effective against hearing loss in the elderly.

It is a proven fact that ginkgo biloba herb enhances the blood flow to the retina and slow down retinal deterioration increasing visual sharpness. Cholesterol is also prevented from forming plaques that clog the arteries. Ginkgo biloba herb is also known to cure circulation-related diseases like hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Ginkgo biloba herb also aid in treating insufficient circulation-related ailments such as stroke.

The above-mentioned positive effects are but a fraction of Bilbo ginkgo’s long-list of miraculous cures. And the list could go on and on and on. Bilbo ginkgo could be the answer to man’s search for a cure-all panacea. For as long as man needs a cure, ginkgo biloba herb would be there to address that need.