Treatment Of Headache

Effective Remedies For Nausea

Nausea or the feeling of sickness in the stomach, is a common but uneasy condition that most people suffer from. It is not a disease, but rather an indication of some other problem. One of the most common reasons for nausea is headache. There are different types of headaches like tension headache, sore throat headache, cough headache, headache fever, menstrual headache and sinus headache. To cure headache there can be several different ways but you need to opt for the one that can give you relief from nausea as well. To know more about the remedies for nausea, read Nausea Medication.

Whatever its cause be, nausea is a very unpleasant experience. Luckily, nausea can now be treated safely at home with natural headache relief options. One of the best and oldest home remedies for nausea is ginger. Carbonated beverages can also cure nausea and headache to a certain extent.

Mint, a soothing herb, also helps in settling the stomach and calming it down. Peppermint or spearmint tea can be very effective in soothing nausea. Peppermint oil can also be used as an aromatherapeutic cure. Lemon juice mixed in warm water and sipped slowly, works as well. You can also try acupuncture for treating nausea at home. All of the above mentioned remedies for nausea can help you have a nausea free life.