Treatment Of Headache

Top Headache Remedies Discussed

The proof of pudding is in eating it. Similar is the case with some of these at home headache remedies. You may not get the certificate from the researchers and scientists to vouchsafe the efficacy of these medicines or line of action to meet the challenge of the headache. But many people have experienced relief from headaches by adopting these methods. So why not try them?

You have an even role to play in the treatment of your headache, along with your physician. Sometimes you may be in a better position to understand your headache than him. Most of the headaches unless they are medical cases are highly personal one.

When you have the headache you don’t even like the sight of the electric bulb. Headache has got something to do with the light effect. So when you have the headache, just get inside and seek your comfort in a dark room. Stay there for a while. You will feel the difference. The bright lights do reportedly, trigger migraine headaches.

Sometimes, your headache can be due to suffocation or if you are working in a stuffy room, not having proper ventilation! Just move out, take a stroll in the park or under a shady tree.

For a minor cover-up operation, take a tablet of pain-reliever to break the intensity of the headache. Don't make it a habit, however.

Meditation requires lots of concentration. Can you meditate when you are suffering from headache? No harm in trying. If you are able to concentrate, meditation in the long run should be a panacea for headache of all types.

There are many proven remedies for headaches. Lemon is found to be an important herb/fruit in negotiating your headache. Take the juice of two/three slices of lemons, along with some rock-salt. It should give immediate relief. The crust of the lemon has a role to play in further treatment of your headache. This treatment is generally good for the headache caused on account of heat. Pound the lemon crusts in to a fine paste and apply it on the forehead. It can be applied on temple as well.

The king of fruits, apple is a good remedy for your headache as well. Take it with a little rock salt everyday, first thing in the morning. Continue this treatment for about a week.

Your digestion and your headache have something to do with each other. Proper diet control and eating fruits with lots of fiber content helps you a lot in controlling the headache. Start the day by drinking a glass of warm water, if possible adding two spoonfuls of honey.

The listing of such treatment is indeed endless, and it can go on and on. Understand your headache and do what is suitable for you.