Causes Of Headache

Be Careful While You Practice All The Numbers Of Sex-Certain Postures Trigger Migraine

Sexually triggered headaches have been reported by people engaging in all kinds of sex acts, from masturbation to intercourse, with or without orgasm. Some headaches even seem to have been caused more by the position people got themselves into than the actual sex act in which they were engaging. Although they do occur, sexually triggered headaches appear to be rather rare, affecting roughly one out of every 350 headaches or so. Even so, the problem is widespread and has a major lifestyle effect on those who get them.

When sexual activity causes migraine attacks its called coital cephalgia, exertional headache, or effort Migraine. As the names suggest, these headaches may be merely exertional headaches brought about by sex or any other strenuous activities. They may or may not be linked to orgasm or sexual arousal. Coital headaches are far more common among males than females and often last a day or more. Headaches or Migraine attacks induced by sexual activity may strike prior to, at the time of, or following orgasm.

Headaches instigated by sexual activity have been divided into three patterns. Sudden onset applies to almost three-quarters of them, beginning either right before, during, or immediately after orgasm. This head is normally quite severe and can either build slowly or suddenly explode inside your head. The subacute pattern applies to only one-quarter of instances and begins before orgasm with intensity building until orgasm. The pain associated with this type is a dull ache. It is occasionally accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The least common pattern is the postdural headache in which the pain is located the lower back of the head and increases upon standing erect. It is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

If coital headaches become chronic it s advised that you take migraine medication. Be sure to check with a physician if you experience an explosive headache brought on by exertion. It may be more than a headache and could lead to an aneurysm.

However, all is not bad news when it comes to sex and migraines. Sexual activity can actually be used as treatment for migraines. A study conducted at the Headache Clinic of Southern Illinois University found that some women actually were able to relieve their migraine headache pain through achieving orgasm. While the level of the relief varied, those who obtained complete relief represented the highest percentage. In comparison to medications, orgasm as a method of relieving migraine is less effective, but provides relief much quicker when it does so. This particular study did not involve men, but there exists plenty of other evidence suggesting that sex may work to relieve migraines in males as well.

Other studies have found that sexual activity and orgasm triggers an endorphin rush in the brain. This chemical reaction works as sort of a natural analgesic to block pain. In regard to how sex works in conjunction with migraines, serotonin is released during orgasm, causing a constriction of the dilated blood vessels in the brain that were causing the migraine. The increased endorphin usually last anywhere from one to three hours.

Ultimately, then, the question of whether sex is good or bad for headaches is left unanswered. For some people sexual activity must be considered a trigger, while for others a method of treatment. Once again when it comes to migraines, there is no concrete answer and it seems as though more questions are raised than answered. The key is to explore both sides of the issue and not be inhibited by embarrassment. If sex does seem to cause your headaches, be honest with your partner and your doctor. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to try out sex as pathway toward relief. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s worth the old college try.