Causes Of Headache

Can Your Headache Be Related To Kidney Disease?

To be frank, I am not afraid of the disease. I am afraid of the various types of medications available for the disease. I am not afraid of the effects of the disease. I am afraid of the after effects of medicines prescribed by the doctor, for the disease. There is a mushroom growth of medications for a particular disease.

"The best thing a person with chronic headaches can do is get off the painkillers," says Paul Duckro, associate professor of psychiatry at St. Louis University. "In our studies, two-thirds of the chronic headache sufferers benefited from the withdrawal of medication."

You can very well understand the implications of the above statement. To an extent, it is better to bear the torment of the headache, than to invite diseases by taking pain-killers.

You don't know when these pain-killers turn just killers!

Why then you feel relieved form the headache, temporarily, when you take these pain-killers? It is simply because the headache becomes temporarily drug-induced. Its real effect is that it does not reduce pain, it produces pain. You know, many experts are unanimous in their opinion that pain-killers can not get you permanent relief from headaches. But they can cause permanent damage certainly.

Over the counter medications for headache can be termed as dangerous. According to Dr William Bennett, Head of Nephrology at Oregon Health Sciences University, USA such painkillers are responsible for over 20 % of the 125,000 cases of the final stage kidney diseases in that country.

Now the opinion is unanimous, that all painkiller drugs have side effects, and these are not minor ones. Such serious diseases are lightheadedness, vomiting, severe stomach pain, kidney damage, liver damage, dizziness and internal bleeding.

  Give importance to your headache but do not give too much importance. That is to say, as soon as you get the headache, don't rush to painkillers. Never take the repeat dose. By doing so, you are repeating the mistake that you have committed.

The expert advice in the treatment of such headaches is to have a regular walking schedule. Your metabolism needs revision. Such walks done everyday for about 45 minutes will solve your problems related to stress, kidney disease and heart disease.

Headache is not the cause of kidney disease. But, wrong treatment for headache, can land you up there.