Causes Of Headache

Causes Of Headaches In Children

It is natural if the child complains about headache once in a while. But it is a problem to be considered when the number of complaints increases gradually. What could be the cause of headaches in your child?

  • It can occur due to stress or due to serious brain infections such as meningitis or encephalitis.

  • Many chilldren develop headache when they fell ill.

  • Headache can also occur due to sinusitis, toothache and eyesight problems.

  • Head injury, haemorrhage, brain tumor or a condition called benign intracranial pressure can cause headaches that may need urgent attention.

  • Headache in older children can occur due to drug or solvent abuse (glue sniffing)

So know the cause of headache in your child and take necessary measures to prevent it! For detailed information on headaches in children read this article.