Causes Of Headache

How to Handle Headaches While Travelling

Occurrence of headaches while travelling is a usual phenomenon. The amount of stress incurred while preparing for travel and while actually travelling leaves many amongst us stressed and psychologically exhausted. However, these headaches can be minimized in some simple steps.

Prepare in Advance for a Trip
You need to prepare for your travel well in advance. Book and confirm your tickets at least a week (if not more) in advance. Similarly, pack what you need to take along with you at least a day before. Keep your documents in order and safely store away your cash. Doing all this in time would allow you to relax when you are about to begin your journey.

Another important thing which you need to do is to sleep well before you travel. All this is recommended because it wouldn't add to the excitement that you would experience when travelling. If you are free of any worries and have slept well the body would easily endure the surge of energy which travel-related excitement would bring.

What to Do When Headache Appears While Travelling?
Food: When you are travelling, do not eat any food that you know would give you a headache. The best thing is to do while travelling is to always eat light and keep your body hydrated. Non-alcoholic beverages and non-perishable snacks such as nuts and chocolates are things which you can have to keep your energy levels high and your senses sharp.

Headache from Pressures: Change of air pressure inside cabin also results in a headache for those who suffer from sinusitis. The same is the case when there is an altitude change. To take care of these headaches, it is best to bring along over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen.

Headache Caused by Immobility: You are reading right. In some people, long spells of immobility can result in headaches. If you too are likely to suffer from such a situation then it is best that you break the immobility by walking down the aisle in the plane or in the train.

However, do keep in mind the instructions of the staff. Since many a times (especially when the plane is about to hit turbulence or has encounter bad weather) the plane would be shaking, you can be thrown off the balance. This can cause injury of varied degree. Hence, it is advised that you walk only when permitted.

Hypnotherapy: Headaches while travelling is a common thing. However, if you get them almost each time you travel, then there is an underlying psychological cause for it. You can address these causes by taking recourse to hypnotherapy and meditation. These would surely help quell whatever suppressed fears you have of flying.