Causes Of Headache

Know Headaches Caused By Food You Eat

The choice of food among human beings has a peculiarity. I like bitter gourd. You hate it. I like coffee, but you love to have black tea. If you consume the food you don't like, under pressure, you have headache. You eat the food according to your choice. You have no headache at all!

Many headaches are food-related. The type of food that you take, have direct body-mind relation and effects.

Take the type of headache known as Hypoglycemia. When you have low blood sugar, you have this type of headache. So, diabetic patients, take care!

If you are taking high doses of insulin you need to monitor it carefully. Since this headache is related to your blood sugar level, a glass of orange juice should bring you immediate relief.

Alternatively, any food stuff that provides simple carbohydrate to your body mechanism, will take care of both, your low blood sugar as well headache!

Another type of head ache related to food, is due to caffeine withdrawal.

Well, you have been drinking at least 6 to 7 cups of coffee/tea per day, and you have again made the New Year Resolution (just as you made resolutions, without success, during the last several years) to give up such drinks. This year's resolution is now week old, and you feel as if someone is pounding your head with the hammer. The headache is unbearable. When the going was good, your caffeine friend, gave you lots of encouragement. That's what you thought! Now when you wish to give it up for valid treasons, relating to deterioration of your health, Caffeine is showing its ill temper by giving you constant headache.

For this headache, there is no instant solution. Don't implement your resolution in one go, by breaking your coffee cup, as a sort of violent protest. Do it slowly and steadily. The chances are that you will win over the headache.

Foods such as old cheese and yeast extracts and red wine have a substance called Tyramine, which causes headache. Deficiency in the enzyme oxidase, which is known as Histamine intolerance can cause chronic headache.

Many types of allergies are responsible for various types of headaches. Food items in their pure form may not be the cause of headache. But many food items contain additives and artificial flavors. These items are the direct causes of headache.

If you consume any food item, fruits and vegetables in the most natural form, as far as possible, you have possibly solved the problem of headache once for all.