Causes Of Headache

Knowing the Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Cervicogenic Headaches

As per a medical study, migraine causes around eight per cent of all headaches around world. This statistics makes you to think about the causes of other types of headaches. Sinusitis has become the prime cause of headaches. Headaches are also be caused by  dental procedures relating to surgery. In fact, these causes are not responsible for many headaches. A victim of a headache cannot judge the root cause of the  headache. Only a doctor will be able to do so.

Many headaches fall in the category of Cervicogenic headaches. Cervicogenic headaches start from the inside  of the neck. Some people wonder as to how the neck can become the prime source of headache. Experts say that neck is one of those parts of the body that is very prone to problems. The reason is that neck absorbs the overall tension of the body. There can be throbbing pain due to sustained neck movements. These shifting pains can move towards the hands. It is actually very difficult to diagnose this type of headache. It can be detected clearly by a medical test or an x ray. To cure the pain, you need to understand the source of the pain.

Headache is a major problem throughout the world. It affects the overall performance of the person. Headaches cause throbbing pain. These pains make the person miserable. Such pains can be devastating and you may feel like your head is going to explode. In Cervicogenic headache, there is a pounding pain. This pain shifts from the neck  to the head. The pain which comes on the back of the eyes is of the same nature. Many patients complain about such type of headaches.

In general, the people who have Cervicogenic headaches have had traumas in the past. Such people also could also have suffered from head injuries. Studies indicate that  these headaches are not hereditary in nature. This type of headache is recurrent in nature. Effective physical therapy is a solution to this type of headache. It is very important to consult a spine therapist in case of Cervicogenic headaches.