Causes Of Headache

Menopause And Headache

This midlife phenomenon is known as menopause. This type of headache saps the energy out of you. At the end of the headache, you feel that you have been down with some sort of sickness for days together. You feel tired and exhausted. At the peak level of the headache, you feel a throbbing sensation, shooting pain within the head, some corners of the head almost bursting out. The slightest noise, switching on the light or for that matter, even if you open your eyes, you feel terribly uncomfortable. This is the style of menopause headache.

It is the type of headache, not experienced by women, till this stage of their life. It is one of the important turning points in their life. During menopause, estrogen is not produced at normal rates and therefore a woman's hormone system goes out of control. At the end of the menstrual life cycle the progesterone level becomes much less in most of the women, and the types of headaches they never experienced before, fall to their lot.

What is the main cause of this type of unbearable headache? Blood vessels in the brain contract and widen at a fast pace, and the pain nerves are unable to cope up with type of activity, and they stimulate pain.

Watch out for certain other unwanted developments during this period. There could be a sudden change in your eyesight. You may experience a double vision, and in extreme cases, partial blindness is not ruled out. Your hands and limbs may experience a peculiar type of weakness. Inactivity shall be your activity. Your lips will become numb and cold.

Take care of your diet. Remember, you can never be the same person, you were a few months ago. It is an important biological change, and each of such change brings forth its quota of suffering or enjoyment in the life of an individual.

In the case in point, the change may add to your suffering for some time. You may become physically and mentally tired. With no initiative left, you may be a confused individual. Your speech may falter. You may suffer migraine headache attacks.

These types of headaches are common in women. The duration of the headache may be for some hours or for days together. In such conditions you are extremely sensitive to noise and light. You may continue to have a vomiting sensation.

Over the counter medications is not the solution for this type of headache. Certain breathing exercises, yoga asanas and light food will go a long way in providing you the necessary relief.