Causes Of Headache

Root Canal Headaches is nothing but infection in root canal!

Root canal headache comes from infection in the canal of the human tooth. Root canal headaches may be very painful and sometimes the pain is so unbearable that it takes your sleep away. Root canal headaches primarily come because of flawed root canal treatment and they are also caused due to post treatment infections. To stop pain of root canal headaches, you need pain killers for relief. However, it is advised not to use much pain killers in large quantities as they will have an adverse effect. Besides you need medical attention on regular basis.

Since root canal headache comes from infection in the canal of the human tooth, damage is caused due to untreated cavity, gum disease or trauma in the tooth. This has to be treated in time failing which the infection spreads to the nerves and that kills the dental pulp. The infection spreads to other parts of the mouth which ultimately destroys the jaw bone. This may also be responsible for many other complications and can also lead to some hazardous situation. In case, you do not have root canal treatment, there is no other option left but to remove the damaged tooth.

In root canal treatment, the surgeon removes the affected pulp and removes bacteria, puss and other cavities from decayed tooth. After this, he fills the space with medicated dental materials and the tooth functions in a normal way like a normal tooth. The entire process needs 3 to 4 sittings with the dentist. The surgery can range from few hundreds to thousands of dollars and it all depends on how complex situation you are in.

The healing begins within one week in case of root canal treatment, if everything goes well. If the dentist fails to clean the canals fully, then the trouble remains and that will spread to jaw bone and result in far greater pain. Sometimes root canal headache occurs immediately after treatment. In this case, specialist must be consulted immediately. Antibiotics play an important role to reduce inflammation and pain. Medical science suggests that root canal headache occurs because of unsuccessful root canal treatment. All you have to do is take all precautions.